September 17, 2009


It was the magician that gave me the push towards my decision to stay. He was doing a trick with a string while relating something that his mother told him. As he was cutting off portions of the string using fire from a lighter he shared that;

“Most people whenever they encounter hardships, difficulties or even just plain bad luck our first instinct is to detach ourselves and walk away. We become depressed and our world stops as we choose to hide away and so the learning and the growing stops as well.”

“But the truth is the world just keeps on turning even without us and we get left behind because of this.” He said as he was rolling the pieces of string together in his hand and added, “But it might be a better idea if we hold on and stay and learn from the problems that we face.” and after that he revealed the pieces of string has joined into a single piece once again. “so that we can continue on growing and moving together with the rest of the world.”

I may not be religious but I believe that God tries to reach us in different ways. I believe that he wanted me to find out about the sad news that I received earlier this week that made me think of detaching myself. I also believe that he sent that magician that night to deliver me that message that I should stay.

It is his gift to me however sad a fact it may be, it still is the truth and He is the God of truth and he wants me to learn and make something out of it.