You hated the rain

I loved it. (I never did get the rain rain go away song)

Because you were born under the sun.

I was raised by the cold embrace of the rain. Nurtured by each drop of tear from the sky.

I too, was born under the sun. Its loving rays shone on me like the love flowing from everyone around.

But then the rain came pouring early in my life and since then i have lived a life of perpetual gloom with only bits of sunshine from time to time.

You came during one of those times

and I embraced your warmth and loved it because it was different from what I was used to.


“I have survived worse storms than this one”

but still, you never did understand why I loved the rain and always foretell that it was coming even though there wasn’t a cloud in sight. (I know that it eventually does just as it has always done so)

and that is why when the rain clouds came and cast a shadow on your sunshine you came running for cover.

and just as I have always done. I stayed and embraced each drop.

I learned to find beauty as fleeting and as rare as it may be in the darkest of times.

my hardened shell protects what little warmth I had inside and one thought has always managed to keep me alive. “I have survived worse storms than this one”